Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie Review - Stardust

Title: Stardust
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Stardust, directed by Matthew Vaughn, is the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman's popular fairy tail of the same name. I have recently finished the book, but I saw the movie before reading the book, so I thought I would review the movie first as well. Stardust details the adventures of Tristran Thorn, who has promised his true love that he would go to the unknown world of Faerie and retrieve a fallen star as a token of his affection.

The visual effects in Stardust are beautifully handled. It would have been all too easy to let CGI run wild with a story like this, but Vaughn manages to focus on the actors' performances rather than relying on the crutch of computers. With that said, those effects that are used serve to immerse the audience in Faerie.

Stardust is a very colorful and visually stimulating film. Beautiful costumes are set against vast vistas and backdrops. It is easy to just watch the movie and smile.

Where Startdust really shines, in my opinion, is in the actors. It is difficult to think of a role that I thought of as miscast, or a performance that was not quite up to snuff. Robert DiNero's character is one of my favorites, along with the great Peter O'Toole (as brief of a role as it is).

The scenes in Stardust are immediately memorable. The film is filled with action and romance, and there is something for everyone in the audience. Watch this movie!

4.5 out of 5!


  1. I too enjoyed this movie. It is certainly beautiful to look at.