Friday, January 15, 2010

First Impressions - Under The Dome, by Stephen King

I am currently on page 215 of Stephen King's newest novel, Under The Dome. A sparse 20% through. Here are my First Impressions.

With Under The Dome, King returns to small town Maine to tell the tale of a town that becomes inexplicably trapped under an impenetrable force field. This premise immediately caught my attention, and King wastes no time in getting to what the back of the book promises. The Dome appears within the first 20 pages of the book, and we are treated to all of the chaos that ensues. What chaos? I'll give you a hint: The invisible dome drops onto two main roads during rush hour.

Throughout the beginning of the book, King jumps from shocking (and sometimes gory) action scenes to in depth narrations that detail the lives of some of the most important citizens of the town. After a while, the shock of the Dome declines, allowing the reader more time to view the public and private lives of the residents of Chester's Mill, Maine.

A lot is happening in Under The Dome, and King handles it all with the mastery he is known for.

And if you are curious about Under The Dome, stay tuned throughout the weekend. There will be much more to see!


  1. Believe it or not, I've never read Stephen King. I hope to change that some day... we'll see. Can't wait to see how you like it!

  2. After you've finished, go look at my review. He's done much better -- esp. the Gunslinger series.

  3. I love Stephen King and this book sounds great. He never fails to impress me or keep my attention. Great first impressions!