Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Television Review - Kingdom Hospital, by Stephen King

I will not be reviewing a book today. Instead, I will be reviewing a television miniseries written by Stephen King: Kingdom Hospital.

Kingdom Hospital is a 13 episode miniseries that originally aired on ABC on March 3rd, 2004. It is based on Lars Von Trier's Sweedish series, The Kingdom.

Kingdom Hospital follows the lives of the patients and staff of a large emergency hospital based in Lewiston, Maine. With every episode, new critical patients arrive, and we find out more about all of the characters. We also begin to learn that the hospital has a dark side, haunted by angry spirits. The hospital, it seems, was built on top of the ruins of a disasterous fire where hundreds of children died. The staff eventually learn of the building's catastrophic fate, and rush to right the wrongs of generations gone by in order to save the lives of everyone in the hospital.

Check out the trailer below (sorry for the bad quality):

Kingdom Hospital is a lot of fun to watch. There is humor, horror, and a few scares to go around. The story also has a good moral at the end. The hospital is inhabited by tons of colorful characters, both living and dead. It also features the song Red Dragon Tatoo, by Fountains of Wayne, one of the most catchy songs ever.

It is not every day that the master of horror creates a television milestone. I remember watching every episode when they originally aired, and I can't believe that was six years ago! Did you miss it? If so, don't worry. You can buy the set of DVDs that contain the entire series, or you can watch it here for FREE.

5 out of 5!

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