Friday, June 4, 2010

More Books (Just What I Need)

Hi folks.  In a couple of months, I will be shipping off to Massachusettes to start the four most busy years of my life.  The last things I need are more books thrown on to my TBR pile that I won't get to, so of course, I took a trip to Borders and the library this afternoon.

Ghost Story, by Peter Straub.  A classic horror novel about a group of men who are haunted by their past evil deeds.  I stumbled across this one among the $1.00 shelves in the library. 

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas.  Another classic, this one an epic tale of adventure and revenge.  Written in the 1800's by the same man famous for The Three Musketeers, I have been thinking about picking this one up for a while.  I loved the movie, and I finally snapped when someone at BEA mentioned reading it.  I'm in!

I am on vacation this week, and I can't wait to catch up on all of my reading.  Expect reviews of Feed and Warbreaker soon!


  1. haha I have that same edition of The Count of Monte Cristo. I love used book stores...

    as far as the "alterd" or mashed up books, I'd have to say that you probably should read or at least KNOW the original. I read pride and prejudice before I read "PPZ dawn of the dreadfuls" and although it would have been funny if i hadn't, it was funnier because i had and I knew the characters etc. I'm reading Android and Anna together, sort of two or three chapters of one and then the other. (since they're both REALLY long.)

  2. I haven't read The Count of Monte Cristo in years but it's one of my favorites, hope you enjoy it.

  3. @Haley: Thanks for the info! I'm going to be doing a dual post with The Maiden's Court, discussing the SciFi/HistFic mash ups. I guess the original will be just one more book to read.

    @Ryan: Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it, but it will be one of the longest books I've read in a while!