Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mailbox Monday - The Terror, and Fevre Dream

Good morning folks! I wanted to share with you two of my recent acquisitions, which I am very excited about reading and sharing with you all!

The first is The Terror, by Dan Simmons. It is an historical ficiton novel about two British ships that try to force the Northwest Passage in the mid 1800's. All of the characters and events are historically accurate up to the point that the HMS Terror loses contact with the outside world. After that, Simmons' imagination runs wild, and historical fiction mixes with horror and science fiction. I am currently reading this one, so stay tuned for my first impressions and spotlight posts!

The second book that is new to my shelves is Fevre Dream, by one of my favorite authors, George R. R. Martin. Set in the pre-Civil War South (think Mississippi River, paddle boats, etc), this novel blends an historical backdrop with a dark plot that involves uniting humanity with a race of vampires.

So there you have it. Two genre-bending tales which I can not wait to talk with you about!

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