Friday, February 26, 2010

First Impressions - Fevre Dream, by George R. R. Martin

I am currently reading Fevre Dream, by George R. R. Martin. It is set in 1857, in the states along the Mississippi river in America. The plot (so far) follows the ambitious Captain Marsh as he tries to gain a foothold in the burgeoning steamboat industry. To this end, he strikes a deal with a charming - albeit mysterious and vaguely threatening - gentleman by the name of Mr. Joshua York. York agrees to build the grandest steamboat for Marsh. Marsh only needs to allow York free passage for him and his colleagues, and to never inquire about their business.

Other chapters focus on a run-down plantation which is inhabited by odd characters who keep to the shadows... murder innocent passersby... and drink their blood...

So far, Fevre Dream is shaping up to be a riveting read. Captain Marsh and Joshua York make an excellent "odd couple" which is made all the more interesting by the increasing tension, as Marsh learns more and more about his shady benefactor. The writing style is colorful, appropriate to the time period, and very smooth. Stay tuned for my full review!

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  1. I love the pictures - those are my favorite colors and it looks just like a dream.